Effective as of: October 25th, 2022

These Subscription Rules (the “Rules”) constitute an integral part of our Site’s Terms and Conditions and are subject to the provisions thereof.

Here we describe the conditions of providing our subscription-based Services at the Site.


“Subscription-based Services” or “Services” means services available through our Site on a subscription basis. The Services include, but not be limited to, providing our clients with Writing Tools.

“Writing Tools” means utilities enabling various content-related operations, for instance, check of plagiarism, grammar, text readability etc.

“Subscription” means an option to utilize Writing Tools for the monthly fee as set out on our Site.

How it works

You can buy Subscription online on our Site. Upon the acquisition of Subscription, you may use the Writing Tools covered by the Subscription. The Subscription shall be valid for 1 (one) calendar month and is automatically renewable.

The Subscription may be cancelled any time. You may unsubscribe by addressing the respective request to [email protected]. The Subscription fee are not subject to refund in any form including Money Back Guarantee.

The Subscription is valid until:

1) you choose to unsubscribe. In case you decide to terminate your Subscription prior to expiry of the monthly period paid, please note that the monthly Subscription fee is not refundable, neither in total nor in part;

2) we terminate your Subscription (we reserve the right to do so at any time by written notice to you, in particular, where we reasonably suspect fraud on your side or in case of your breach of these Rules and our Site’s Terms and Conditions).

If your Subscription was terminated by whatever reason except of termination on our side, you may choose to resume it at any time afterwards in the same manner as described above.

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