2021 EduBirdie Review and Our Online Reputation

Do you need help with writing an assignment that is due soon? Lots of students are turning to online essay writing services to get the help they need to pass the academic year. There are now a lot of companies out there claiming to be the best.

Do you want to find out more about edubirdie.com and whether you want to use this essay writing service? Well, you have definitely come to the right place. We are going to go through the EduBirdie reviews with you today, and you can make your mind up on whether this website and writing service is the best one for you. We will go over all of the important information that you need so that you can be confident in your decision.

Let’s take a look at edubirdie.com so that you can get started and improve your academic performance.

Online Reputation

We have already mentioned that there are a lot of essay writing companies out there online that you can choose from. However, it should be mentioned that EduBirdie legit and is the most famous out of all of them.

How can you know this? Well, a study was conducted among students to see what company for writing essays they knew about and liked. 1000 students were asked this question in the study. Out of these participants, 33.2 percent of them answered Edubird. This was the most out of all of the companies that were named, and you can see this from the chart below.

Of course, this is a fantastic result. It shows that we managed to gain a great reputation with students and proved we are providing a high-quality service that people do appreciate.
Edubirdie - Online Reputation

What Users had to Say on Edubirdie Review

To get an accurate picture of Edubirdie and how customers view this service, we decided to look on Reddit. A lot of students use this platform to ask questions and share their opinions. The Edubirdie Reddit reviews revealed that the essay writing service was popular. There were good customer reviews where users said they really enjoyed the experience. In particular, one review was from a businessman who was using the website for his speech. He commented that he had used other academic writing services and they did not compare; Edubirdie had provided him with a speech that was successful and he was glad that he chose them.

Reddit Edubirdie Review

Why Are We One of the Best Companies to Write an Essay on the Market?

There are a lot of online essay companies out there that claim they are the best. So, why is Edu Birdie the one for you? It is simple, we offer unparalleled quality essay writing. There are hundreds of experts available that can write fantastic research papers and assignments on a variety of subjects and topics. Some of these specialties include:

  • Creative writing
  • Lab report
  • Math problem
  • Thesis
  • Presentation
  • Dissertation
  • Case study

Edubirdie also incorporates the best price for students out there on the market. You do not have to worry about how you are going to live for the rest of the month or wait for payday to get your work. We worked hard to make it affordable for everyone.

Edubirdie Review

Design and Usability

When preparing our Edubirdie review for you, we wanted to draw your attention to our website itself. It’s extremely easy to use. There are clear titles and links you can follow to get to your destination and even find jobs if you are a writer. In addition, there are bright colors that can help you navigate through the different menus and keep you engaged with the content. If you are new to the essay writing service, everything is explained clearly to you.

For example, you can choose the essay writing services from the drop-down menu. This is going to bring up options for you to select. In addition, there are links to the editing services and plagiarism checker. You can easily find support when you need it and read about the company and how it started. There is a blog updated regularly too. You do not have to be tech-savvy to navigate your way around the website.

Edubirdie - Design and Usability Review

The Process of Placing an Order

If you are interested in placing an order, you will be glad to hear that it is something that is simple to do. There are just four steps that you have to follow to make it easy. Let’s go through them one at a time:

  • Share the details – let the writer know what you require. This information is going to be used to match you with a suitable expert in the field. This involves registering your personal information too. It is best to be as accurate and detailed as possible at this stage to ensure the best results.

Edubirdie.com - Ordering process - step 1

  • Choose your writer – next up is the fun part. You get to participate and choose the writer that you like. You can take a look at their profiles and the experience that they offer. You can also see their rates and reviews.

Edubirdie.com - Ordering process - step 2

  • Track your project – you can easily check how the writer is going with your assignment. There are notifications for you to receive and you can check it all online. You are kept updated every step of the way.

Edubirdie.com - Ordering process - step 3

  • Receive your essay – next is receiving the work from the writer. You are given time to look it over and make sure that you are 100 percent happy with it before paying. Everything will be plagiarism free, so you will not have to worry about a thing. Adjustments can be made if you are not happy. You can download your paper once it is ready and any revisions should be alerted to the writer within three days. All of this is explained before you get started.

Edubirdie.com - Ordering process - step 4

How Writers are Chosen

Our next point in EduBirdie review is our writers. There are hundreds of them to choose from, and they all have a good reputation. This is due to the specific screening that applications go through and to make sure only the best writers are chosen.

In fact, only 62.77 percent of applications move past the first step. There is an essay writing test involved, and there is also an essay that the writer has to pass. After that, all of the documentation will be analyzed and verified. By the end of the process, only 7.87 percent of those who applied from the initial stage are hired to work on the platform.

edubirdie.com review

Adjust Work Free of Charge

Customer service and satisfaction are clearly important during the writing process. But just because you have received your paper doesn’t mean it ends there. In fact, any adjustments and revisions that you require to work you have received can be made free of charge. There are no hidden fees that you need to pay. While it is rare that this happens, you know the option is there if you need it.

edubirdie reviews

Papers are Free from Plagiarism

We all know how bad it can be when you are caught using someone’s ideas and opinions in your work. But the good thing about we at Edubirde guarantee that papers you get are plagiarism-free. It is all created to be original, and writers ensure this is the case before work is handed over to you. In addition, you can always use the free plagiarism online service that is available on the website.

edubirdie plagiarism checker review

Customer Support

Customer support is always around if you need help or want to ask a question. Customer support with quick response speeds and that they know what they are talking about. You can feel confident with the answers and more than just talking to a robot with automated answers.

edu birdie customer support review

Customer Feedback

Overall, our essay writing service receives some excellent reviews from students, and they are happy with the work that they have received. For example, there are reviews on websites like Reddit that love what the company does for education.

One review commented on how they received a high-quality paper and that they would use it again. The customer below believed our service was an excellent way to gain inspiration and finish her papers.

Customer reviews

This other review highlights how apprehensive we were at first but realized how great the service was. In particular, it was confidential, and no one had to know that they used it. In addition, the paper they received was better than something that they could have written by themselves.

edubirdie Customer review

EduBirdie.com Review – Additional Free Services

There are lots of fantastic and additional free services available at our EduBirdie website that you can check out and use. We have reviewed some for you so that you can get to know how you can start using them.

Grammar Check

Is grammar not your wrong point? You can use the Plagiarism Checker tool to make sure your work is up to scratch. It is super simple to use. Just copy and paste your document into the box and hit check the text. This is going to flag up any grammar issues so that you can change them before the deadline.

Conclusion Generator

If you struggle to write a good conclusion, this Conclusion Generator may be the best tool for you to use. The ending of your essay is important, and this tool can be great for wrapping up your topic and summarising everything concisely. You can add a fantastic final paragraph that is going to leave readers satisfied with your research and conclusions.

Thesis Generator

Are you having trouble coming up with a thesis statement? This can be a difficult thing to do but with the help of this thesis generator, it can be made a little bit easier for you. All you have to do is answer the questions, and your thesis statement will be generated based on the answers to the form. You can choose to take the suggestions made and use them for your paper.

Paraphrasing Tool

Paraphrasing is a difficult skill, and it is something that takes a lot of practice. But if you have a paper that is due soon either as a student or a writer, you may not have the time to learn. The best thing you can do is use this paraphrasing tool from Edubirdy. This is going to get the job done in less than a minute and instead of thinking about it for hours.

Topic Generator

It can take a while to come up with an interesting and engaging topic for your assignment. Yet, this Topic Generator makes it easy and fun. Simply start typing in your keywords and watch the essay topics pop up. You can use unique themes and choose a subject area that is going to be enjoyable for you to the writer, as well as for others to read. Everyone wins.

Words to Minutes Converter

If you have a presentation or speech to complete, you are going to want to know how long your script is going to be and see if you have enough time to deliver it. This is all part of the preparation process. With this tool, you can calculate the length of your speech in words and in minutes. Just fill in the information boxes, and you are going to get accurate data.

Words to Pages Converter

If you want to find out how many pages your text is going to be, you can use this free tool from essay birdie. It is fast and simple to use, making sure you know how your essay is going to look and how long it is going to be. Just enter the number of words you have or paste your test in. Then you can select the font, font size, and spacing. Then your results will be displayed, showing you the number of sheets and pages that you will have.

Word Counter

When you are given an assignment as a student or writer, you are going to need to know how many words there are. But the problem is that a lot of computer programs calculate them differently. With this Word Counter from essay birdie, you can make sure you get the accurate number once and for all.


If you have a lot of lists in your word, it may be time to sort them out alphabetically. But this can be very time-consuming, and if you have a deadline coming up, you may not have the time or patience to do this. So, what is the answer? The alphabetizer from essay birdie. This sorts all of your lists out for you, and you can sort them from A to Z or Z to A; this is your choice. You can also sort them by last name and choose how you want them to be formatted. It is so easy to use and simple to get your assignment right.

Case Converter

Picture this; you have just finished your paper and discovered that you had used the wrong case throughout. It will take forever to change it manually. So, we would recommend using the case converter online. You can change letters between upper and lowercase effortlessly. Just paste it into the box, and the tool will do all the work for you instantly.

GPA Calculator

If you want to know your grade point average before your education ends, the best way to do this is by using the GPA Calculator. Just as the name suggests, this is going to work out your GPA. All you have to do is enter your grades into the columns, and you will be able to see your performance. Of course, using Edu Birdie and its writing services may help students improve their grades overall.


If you have never referenced your paper in Turabian style before, it can be difficult to understand. But it is necessary to do it correctly to achieve good grades. You can use the Turabian citation generator to help you. You have to enter the source and the title, and it will automatically generate the citation for you.


If you hate writing citations, you are not alone. We prefer to use the CSE/CBE citation when we want to get the job done right. This can save a lot of time and give you more time to work on the essay without worrying about the write referencing system. Just fill in the boxes on the form, and it will all be done for you.

ASA Citation Generator

The American Sociological Association referencing system can be difficult to use if you have never done it before. It is often used at universities, so this means that this citation generator is really going to help you. Just type in the source and title and the ASA citation will be generated for you to use in your essay.

CHICAGO Citation Maker

Referencing is always an important part of academic work as it shows where you use information from. In particular, Chicago citation is often used for assignments, but it can be difficult and time-consuming to use. But you do not have to worry about this any longer. It is so simple that we will use it from now on.

HARVARD Citation Generator

Are you commenting on a lot of academic opinions and ideas? You will need to reference this work with a citation. Most likely, you will have heard about Harvard citation before. This is a popular one, and it can be used across a lot of different disciplines. With generator will create the citation for you. It does not matter whether it is from a website, book or journal; this generator will do it correctly. Simply type in:

  • The author
  • Year
  • Title
  • Location
  • Publisher
  • Number of editions.

APA Citation Generator

If you have been asked to use the citation from the American Psychological Association, you can use this generator for free. It is going to be great to use if you are writing a paper in psychology. You just need to enter the following information to make use of the generator:

  • Style
  • Source
  • Title

edubirdie citation generator review

Payment and Personal Data are Secured

A lot of people worry about their personal data when they are online. This is especially true when they’re paying for services. But the good thing we want to mention in our EduBirdie review was that all of these personal details are secured. There are measures in place that protect your privacy so that this did not have to be a concern.

edubirdie safe

Bonus and Discount Systems

You have the opportunity to earn bonuses online that you can use towards future works. If you refer a friend, you will get $25.00 when they place an order. This is very generous and an easy way to make some money. In return, your friend will also get a 10 percent discount on their order. Everyone wins and benefits from the situation! Just share the link on your social media or send it to a friend privately and it can be all yours.

discount EduBirdie review

Only Pay After You Have Reviewed Your Paper

One more thing not to be missed in our EduBirdie reviews is that you only have to pay once you are 100 percent happy with the paper. This is great as you do not pay beforehand and this means no risk. You will not lose any money. If there are any revisions required, they will be carried out before you send your payment. When the assignment comes back to you, it should be completed done with no work required by you afterward.

EduBirdie payment review

You Can Receive Your Money Back from Edu Birdy

If it happens that you aren’t happy with the work that you receive, there is a guarantee that you will get your money back. Again, this gives you peace of mind, and you can know there is no risk. You are protected from unsatisfactory work. EduBirdie has a strict refund policy to protect you.

edubirdie Money Back guarantee

Why Should You Choose Edubirdie?

We hope we managed to convince you to try our service after going through our Edubirdie review. We are a professional writing service that offers excellent customer service 24/7. You can choose your own expert writer and select your deadline date. All of the important details are in your hands. What’s more, there are guarantees in place to protect you.

what's included to edubirdie service

No one has to know you are using the service and you can get your money back in the rare event that something goes wrong. Overall, if you are looking for a pleasant and successful writing service, EduBirdie safe and could be the one for you.

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