EduBirdie Review and Our Online Reputation 2023

Do you need help with writing an assignment that is due soon? Lots of students are turning to online essay writing services to get the help they need to pass the academic year. There are now a lot of companies out there claiming to be the best.

Do you want to find out more about and whether you want to use this essay writing service? Well, you have definitely come to the right place. As we are going through the various EduBirdie reviews online, you will be able to tell whether this service is safe to use. We shall help you to make an educated choice and see if this company fits your initial requirements. We will go over all of the important information that you need so that you can be confident in your decision.

Let’s take a look at so that you can get started and improve your academic performance.

EduBirdie Services Review

The list of services that are offered by EduBirdie company is quite extensive as you can request anything from argumentative essay writing to term paper tasks and various research papers. The other possibilities include writing a speech, doing a multimedia presentation, writing a personal statement or a scholarship essay, and many other types of tasks that a college student may require. There are also proofreading and editing services that are worth being mentioned. The quality of their grammar shows their experience as the company hires only native English speakers.

The company implements a bidding system, which means that you will have offers from specialists in your subject. The bidding system may require some waiting as the offers will start to appear once you give it more time. It also affects the prices in a positive way. Composing this review, one can state safely that they have numerous specialists with verified academic backgrounds who will show due accuracy and skills required to earn the best grades. Although your expectations may differ from case to case, the range of the subjects and essay types on offer will please even the most demanding learner.

edubirdie review - writing services

Types of EduBirdie Services

Since every college student will require something specific, the majority of EduBirdie customers will be happy to see the wide range of academic writing help. As we placed an actual order and tested the quality, we were offered a great range of academic subjects and essay types. They can offer analytical, narrative, explanatory, reflective, compare-and-contrast, persuasive, descriptive, and creative writing tasks. What makes EduBirdie beneficial is the presence of specialists who can help with the MBA assignments, court hearings for Law students, and the nursing journals for students majoring in Healthcare. EduBirdie reviews mention assistance in Psychology, History, Geography, Environmental Sciences, English Literature, Engineering, Data Science, Law, Nursing, and many other school subjects and types of academic writing.

You can also request term papers, dissertations, and presentations, and receive Math help, and assistance with various tasks that must be performed online. They also provide spreadsheets and calculations, thesis statement writing, and editing of small blocks of content. No matter what you may require, it is assured that they will be able to cover it. Just make sure to contact their support team and upload your grading rubric and comments, so the specialists can identify your academic objectives.

Online Reputation

We have already mentioned that there are a lot of essay writing companies out there online that you can choose from. However, if you do not know is EduBirdie legit or cheating, it should be mentioned that it’s legal, safe and the most famous out of all of them.

How can you know this? It’s hard to tell what company deserves to be called the best when it comes to academic writing. Keeping this challenge in mind, a study has been made to help students determine what company for writing essays deserves to be used. Of course, it was based on what they knew well and tried in the past. Since about 1000 students participated in the survey, it was easy to see what service is the most popular. As one could see, 33.2% have named EduBird as their choice. It was the highest response number that the chart shows (as you can see below), which makes the company an obvious choice.

Without a doubt, the results are only to be praised for. It shows that the company has managed to gain a secure place in the market as the students were happy with the high-quality service. When there is appreciation, it also shows that the company is the one to be trusted.
Edubirdie Review - Online Reputation

What Do People Say on EduBirdie Review

Since we need to keep the situation accurate when it comes to Edubirdie, we decided to see how customers approach the service. We took Reddit as a social platform where people speak their thoughts. A great number of learners approach academic writing services and tend to share their ideas online as well. The majority of EduBirdie Reddit reviews that we could find spoke in favor of this service. They are quite popular and have positive customer reviews as the experiences discuss high quality and originality. One review, in particular, told a story of a businessman who approached EduBirdie for getting his speech polished, so he could perform it. He said that he has tried various academic writing services before and they were really poor in attitude and quality. EduBirdie offered excellent service in terms of speech writing. The results impressed him and he was happy to have made the right choice.

Edubirdie Review - Reddit

Why is EduBirdie One of the Best Companies to Write an Essay on the Market?

There are numerous essay companies online that claim to offer the highest quality and simply be the best. Now, why should you choose Edu Birdie for your writing needs? The answer is quite simple: you receive original quality as every essay is written from scratch and checked twice upon completion. You have hundreds of experts online, so you can choose anything from research paper writing to help with various essay types and subjects. Some of the benefits include:

  • Creative writing
  • Lab report
  • Math problem
  • Thesis
  • Presentation
  • Dissertation
  • Case study

What makes EduBirdie stand out is their keeping the prices affordable for college students when compared to alternatives. There’s no need to feel concerned about how much you might spend to make the ends meet when you have to manage your school finances. You won’t have to spend a fortune with EduBirdie to get online assistance. It’s obvious that the company has worked hard to make things affordable for most learners.

Edubirdie Review

Quality of Essays

This is where EduBirdie stands out from the competition as they provide timely delivery and plagiarism-free work that is checked via several plagiarism detection tools. Our assignment has been delivered a bit earlier than what has been specified for the deadline, which was a great benefit as we could check and evaluate things. The instructions have been followed to the letter and our specialist asked additional questions to make sure that everything is understood correctly. The formatting and structure requirements have been met as well. Speaking of grammar, there were no issues here. It is obvious that we were dealing with a native English speaker who had a good background in terms of writing techniques. Since we needed an argumentative essay, there was a strong thesis statement and the tone has been correct.

The best part about, however, is the high level of originality as they do not use any pre-written materials and offer original work. The proofreading and editing are second to none as there were no typos or mistakes of any kind. Regarding academic sources, they implement reliable references and the in-text citations have been done correctly. No plagiarism issues to mention at all!

Design and Usability

As we worked on this Edubirdie review to help you determine the quality, we also made sure to explore the website as well. They keep things accessible and have a nice design. It’s easy to find what you need and place an order in about five minutes. Even if you want to get hired as a writer, there are relevant links that are not buried deep. In addition, there are bright colors that can help you navigate through the different menus and keep you engaged with the content. If you are new to the essay writing service, everything is explained clearly to you.

For example, you can choose the essay writing services from the drop-down menu. This is going to bring up options for you to select. In addition, there are links to the editing services and plagiarism checker. You can easily find support when you need it and read about the company and how it started. There is a blog updated regularly too. You do not have to be tech-savvy to navigate your way around the website.

Edubirdie Review - Design and Usability Review

The Process of Placing an Order

In case you are ready and feel like placing an order, you will be happy to see how easy it is to do. It takes only four steps to get things done. Let’s explore each of them below:

  • Share the details – let the writer know what you require. This information is going to be used to match you with a suitable expert in the field. This involves registering your personal information too. It is best to be as accurate and detailed as possible at this stage to ensure the best results. Review - Ordering process - step 1

  • Choose your writer – next up is the fun part. You get to participate and choose the writer that you like. You can take a look at their profiles and the experience that they offer. You can also see their rates and reviews. Review - Ordering process - step 2

  • Track your project – you can easily check how the writer is going with your assignment. There are notifications for you to receive and you can check it all online. You are kept updated every step of the way. Review - Ordering process - step 3

  • Receive your essay – next is receiving the work from the writer. You are given time to look it over and make sure that you are 100 percent happy with it before paying. Everything will be plagiarism free, so you will not have to worry about a thing. Adjustments can be made if you are not happy. You can download your paper once it is ready and any revisions should be alerted to the writer within three days. All of this is explained before you get started. Review - Ordering process - step 4

How Writers are Chosen

Our next point in EduBirdie review is our writers. There are hundreds of them to choose from, and they all have a good reputation. This is due to the specific screening that applications go through and to make sure only the best writers are chosen.

Speaking of applications that we receive from future writers, only 62.77% actually pass through the first stage. Since you have to include an essay writing test to get things done, you will have to discuss the challenges of essay writing that a writer must pass. This is where documentation has to go through the analysis to get things verified. As you reach the end, only about 7.87% of applicants remain and start their work on the platform. review

Adjust Work Free of Charge

Customer service and satisfaction are clearly important during the writing process. But just because you have received your paper doesn’t mean it ends there. In fact, any adjustments and revisions that you require to work you have received can be made free of charge. There are no hidden fees that you need to pay. While it is rare that this happens, you know the option is there if you need it.

edubirdie reviews

Papers are Free from Plagiarism

We all are well aware of how it feels to be caught in a plagiarism trap, especially when it becomes clear that some ideas and opinions have been found. The good thing is that you can approach the service reviewed and get your EduBirdie guarantee, meaning that the final paper that you get remains plagiarism-free. The writers keep things original and they actually ensure that everything is checked before you get your assignment delivered. Finally, you can always use the free plagiarism check service that they offer free of charge on their website.

edubirdie plagiarism checker review

Customer Support

Customer support is always available when you seek guidance or want to ask a question about placing an order or having an issue. The support agents are always quick in response and they are trained to resolve your challenges. They keep things fast and helpful as it’s not the case of automatic responses or the chatbots that are usually seen elsewhere.

edu birdie customer support review

Customer Feedback

In general, the essay writing service receives amazing reviews from college learners. They are happy with the results and hope to use the EduBirdie service again. For example, many reviews on websites like Quora and Reddit state that the company has a great contribution to the field of education.

One review speaks about getting a high-quality paper and states about using the service again. The next customer that has left his review says that EduBirdie company is the best way to become inspired and finally get one’s paper finished on time. True enough, there are no late delivery issues!

Edubirdie Reviews - Sitejabber

This other review highlights how apprehensive we were at first but realized how great the service was. In particular, it was confidential, and no one had to know that they used it. In addition, the paper they received was better than something that they could have written by themselves.

Edubirdie Reviews - TrustPilot Review – Additional Free Services

There are lots of fantastic and additional free services available at our EduBirdie website that you can check out and use. We have reviewed some for you so that you can get to know how you can start using them.

Grammar Check

Is grammar not your wrong point? You can use the Plagiarism Checker tool to make sure your work is up to scratch. It is super simple to use. Just copy and paste your document into the box and hit check the text. This is going to flag up any grammar issues so that you can change them before the deadline.

Conclusion Generator

If you struggle to write a good conclusion, this Conclusion Generator may be the best tool for you to use. The ending of your essay is important, and this tool can be great for wrapping up your topic and summarising everything concisely. For example, you can add a final paragraph to your assignment that will keep you satisfied as you do some research and need to come up with a strong conclusion.

Thesis Generator

Now, do you feel challenged as you work on your thesis statement? Yes, it can be quite challenging, yet when you have a thesis generator tool, you will feel much better as it’s a breeze to get things done. All you have to do is answer the list of questions as the AI-based tool will guide you through. The final thesis statement will be automatically generated, based on what you have provided in the form. You can use it as much as necessary and keep the results as the template for your final thesis idea.

Paraphrasing Tool

Paraphrasing is a difficult skill, and it is something that takes a lot of practice. But if you have a paper that is due soon either as a student or a writer, you may not have the time to learn. The best thing you can do is use this paraphrasing tool from Edubirdy. This is going to get the job done in less than a minute and instead of thinking about it for hours.

Topic Generator

It can take a while to come up with an interesting and engaging topic for your assignment. Yet, this Topic Generator makes it easy and fun. Simply start typing in your keywords and watch the essay topics pop up. You can use unique themes and choose a subject area that is going to be enjoyable for you to the writer, as well as for others to read. Everyone wins.

Words to Minutes Converter

Now, if you have a presentation or an important speech that needs to be finished on time, you will have to see how much time it would take to read something aloud. It will help you to understand if you can deliver it for a presentation or any other purpose. This is where the tool will help you as you calculate the length in words and see the minutes it can take an average person. Fill in the ticks as you describe your speech and you will get lots of helpful stats.

Words to Pages Converter

In case you want to find out how many pages it’s going to take, the free tool from the friendly essay birdie is your best bet! It works fast enough and guarantees that you will know how your essay will look in the end. Then your results will be displayed, showing you the number of sheets and pages that you will have. You only have to enter the number of words first or just paste your content. Don’t forget to choose the font, font size, and spacing.

Word Counter

When you are given an assignment as a student or writer, you are going to need to know how many words there are. But the problem is that a lot of computer programs calculate them differently. With this Word Counter from essay birdie, you can make sure you get the accurate number once and for all.


Another great feature that is on offer by the EduBirdie team is the tool that helps to calculate the lists in your text. Let’s assume that you have a lot of them and need to get them sorted according to the ABC. It’s always taking time, which is not acceptable when your deadline is coming up. You may not even have the patience or accuracy to get it done. Now, what should one do? The answer is the Alphabetizer Tool from Essay Birdie. In brief, it helps to sort all your lists from A to Z or the other way around, depending on what you need. You can also sort your content by last name (as an example) or specify the formatting. It’s easy to use and you can always save some precious study time.

Case Converter

Just imagine: your paper is done and you just noticed that you have used the wrong case all through the paper. It will take ages to correct things by hand. So, we would recommend using the case converter online. You can change letters between upper and lowercase effortlessly. Just paste it into the box, and the tool will do all the work for you instantly.

GPA Calculator

If you want to know your grade point average before your education ends, the best way to do this is by using the GPA Calculator. Just as the name suggests, this is going to work out your GPA. All you have to do is enter your grades into the columns, and you will be able to see your performance. Of course, using Edu Birdie and its writing services may help students improve their grades overall.


If you have never referenced your paper in Turabian style before, it can be difficult to understand. But it is necessary to do it correctly to achieve good grades. You can use the Turabian citation generator to help you. You have to enter the source and the title, and it will automatically generate the citation for you.


If you belong to those college learners that cannot stand citations in writing, you are in the right place. We usually tend to use the CSE/CBE citation when we have to get things done correctly. It also saves more time and allows you to address your essay without having to stress about the referencing system in question. You only have to fill in the boxes and the rest will be done automatically.

ASA Citation Generator

It stands for the American Sociological Association and is used mainly for Sociology and Anthropology papers. It may be a bit challenging to use if you are using this referencing system for the first time. The majority of university students make mistakes even after a month of using it. Therefore, an ASA citation generator is going to assist you. Type in your source and title and let our ASA citation tool help you out.

CHICAGO Citation Maker

It’s one of the most popular citation styles in the publishing field. Chicago can be a bit difficult as you are working on your assignment. Things can be confusing and time-consuming if you have to work with ten or twenty sources. Still, if you have a great tool to help you cite, you won’t have to feel exhausted. It’s simple to start and you won’t have to pay a dime!

HARVARD Citation Generator

Do you have to cite various academic ideas and use information as a journalist or as a researcher in engineering? This is where you have to use accurate references. You might encounter Harvard citation style in the past. It is not as famous as APA or MLA, which is why it’s hard to find the rules. It’s used in various disciplines and has specific things to note. Still, if you have a generator that will assist you with Harvard citations, you can cite websites, journals, books, and any other type as our helpful tool will assist you. Simply type in:

  • The author
  • Year
  • Title
  • Location
  • Publisher
  • Number of editions.

APA Citation Generator

If you have been asked to use the citation from the American Psychological Association, you can use this generator for free. It is going to be great to use if you are writing a paper in psychology. You just need to enter the following information to make use of the generator:

  • Style
  • Source
  • Title

edubirdie citation generator review

Our Prices Review

This is where things can easily get challenging if you are using the bidding system for the first time. There are no set prices in this particular case. At the time of this EduBirdie review, we could not locate any discounts or special campaigns. This is where the bidding system kicks in by offering all the possible types of offers. The prices start at $13.99 per page. It makes it quite affordable, yet your price will depend on the urgency and the type of work. In certain cases, the bidding offers may be higher than the average, yet it can be understood if you are asking for something that is not so common.

The offered rate of $13.99 per page is meant for a longer deadline. We cannot help but wish there were some discounts for returning customers, yet it’s not the case here. It can be explained by the presence of bidding where you may have even more luck as you can negotiate the final price and talk to your writer directly. It makes it easier to get lucky without paying too much, especially if there are more than five offers, so you can compete.

Edubirdie Review - Prices

Payment and Personal Data are Secured

A lot of people worry about their personal data when they are online. This is especially true when they’re paying for services. But the good thing we want to mention in our EduBirdie review was that all of these personal details are secured. There are measures in place that protect your privacy so that this did not have to be a concern.

Is Edubirdie Safe

Bonus and Discount Systems

You have the opportunity to earn bonuses online that you can use towards future works. If you refer a friend, you will get $25.00 when they place an order. This is very generous and an easy way to make some money. In return, your friend will also get a 10 percent discount on their order. Everyone wins and benefits from the situation! Just share the link on your social media or send it to a friend privately and it can be all yours.

Edubirdie Review - Referral Program

Only Pay After You Have Reviewed Your Paper

One more thing not to be missed in our EduBirdie reviews is that you only have to pay once you are 100 percent happy with the paper. This is great as you do not pay beforehand and this means no risk. You will not lose any money. If there are any revisions required, they will be carried out before you send your payment. When the assignment comes back to you, it should be completed done with no work required by you afterward.

Edubirdie Review - Guarantees

You Can Receive Your Money Back from Edu Birdy

Now, what about the guarantees or the times when you are not happy with the final paper? Things are also good here as the company guarantees that you will get your funds back. It gives a certain piece of mind as you are not risking anything! EduBirdie offers free revisions to improve things for you and they protect you from any type of poor work. They have a strict refund policy that does work in practice.

edubirdie Money Back guarantee

Why Should You Choose Edubirdie?

We are sincerely hoping that we could persuade with this honest EduBirdie review. You are dealing with a professional writing service that provides professional customer service 24/7. You can choose your writer and choose the final deadline as you share your instructions and ask questions before any work starts. All the important details are always under control. Moreover, every paper is plagiarism-free!

what's included to edubirdie service

The confidentiality is also top-notch as you place an order, receive your funds back, or ask for a free revision. If you seek a friendly and reliable writing service, EduBirdie safe methods of work are the ones to consider!

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